Planet Poochie

Raleigh, NC

Located at Six Forks Rd and Sawmill behind the Mcdonalds
7311 Six Forks Rd. 
(Celebration Station)
# 984-269-7450

​Owner And Pet Groomer

Fido Loves To Play, Get Dirty And Then Come To the Spa!!

Planet Poochie Philosophy 


Grooming is more than fancy scissor work. It involves a heightened sensitivity and understanding to their needs during grooming. Fido's well being is just as important to us as his/her haircut! We understand that each dog has their own unique personality and we work with each dog individually. It takes skill and technique!

What We Do

  • One on One Consultation With Client
  • Styling to Breed Specifications,, or,,
  • Styling to Customer Specifications
  • Pet groomers Report and Health Alert
  • Top of the Line Products
  • Nail Clipping 
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Super Duper Scrub Down TWICE
  • Complete Brush Out
  • ​Deshedding, if needed
  • ​And More!

At Planet Poochie, every dog gets the best treatment possible!  


Planet Poochie


With over 20 years of experience in professional pet care and dog grooming, Kiervi has studied the art of all breed pet styling as well as customer specific styling. She has worked in several cities from NYC to Tampa following a range of popular styles in each environment. She has chosen to practice this profession for this long due to her love for the art of grooming and her love for the well being and care of animals.

And Thats What We're Here For!!!

Here Are A Few Before And After Photos!

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