Every groom comes complete with nail clipping, ear cleaning, TWO baths, fluff dry, brush and comb out. Then we give the hair cut based on your specifications and our expertise!

This is a time consuming process which is why we ask not to be rushed. We need the proper amount of time to give a great haircut and a positive experience for fido! 


The act of bathing is a skill in its self. We examine the skin and fur to determine the specific needs for fido. We then choose from a variety of shampoos and conditioners to get the best result.   

​List Of Services

Grooming:prices vary per breed, size and coat condition

Bathing:  prices vary per breed, size and coat condition

Nail Clipping: ​Free with grooming or bathing package. A la carte $10

​Dremel $15

​Walk-in accepted!

De-Matting: Price varies with the condition and type of the coat. Some matts are too tight and can not be brushed out. We are here, not just to give fido a great haircut, but to also give him/her a positive experience! 

De-Shedding: Our de-shedding package comes with a super duper scrub down with our best de-shedding shampoo, blow dry and brush out with special de-shedding tools and techniques!!

We have ongoing grooming specials and discounts!

Call today and ask us about it!

Spa Services

For Fido!

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Planet Poochie
Raleigh, NC
Located at Six Forks Rd and Sawmill behind the Mcdonalds
7311 Six Forks Rd. 
(Celebration Station)
# 984-269-7450

raleigh pet grooming
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Planet Poochie